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In 2013, designer Konstantin Shilyaev founded the FAKOSHIMA eyewear brand, which later included a line of niche perfumes. Contemporary classic is a brief description that is equally relevant for both the eyewear and perfumery line of the brand. This is a modern classic, born at the intersection of avant-garde functionalism in design, the scientific method and aestheticism.

The first experimental fragrance, Tear You Apart, created in collaboration with Yaroslav Simonov, a graduate of the Grasse Institute of Perfumery, was produced as a batch of 30 bottles in 2020.

FAKOSHIMA is feelings and desires enclosed in a minimalistic bottle. The main idea is to convey moments that do not tend to last long, but which have a taste of eternity. We bring to our work that perfection of the idea and execution of perfumes that have already become classics, and on their basis we tell a new story. We also experiment with gender identity, leaving complete freedom to be ourselves.