WILDHORN is a brand of leather jewelry and accessories, taking its roots in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The founder and designer behind the brand, Lina began her career as a designer and constructor of clothing. Owning an atelier and a clothing brand, she would find the greatest joy developing accessories for her collections. That's how WILDHORN was born in 2013.

Having lived for a long time in this northern city, famous for its gloomy beauty, the author has embedded into the brand all its authenticity and dark bohemian aesthetics.

Floral motifs and sophistication of lines reflect the ephemerality of nature — a theme that like a red thread runs through all WILDHORN collections. Whilst rough and cold metal details and leather processed using special ancient "cuir boulli" technique that makes it stiff and durable, allegorically fit into the image as armor and protection.

It is in a harmonious union of weakness and strength that the author sees the beauty. These are the eternal characteristics of our world, which complement each other, which cannot exist separately.

Since 2019, the brand has been based in a home studio in Moscow, where all jewelry is designed and made by hand, and since 2022 showroom is open in the centre of Moscow where you can find WILDHORN collections as well as the selection of products from other Russian avant-garde designers.